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Pecán Argentina is a family agricultural business, built on two strong pillars of expertise: the company combines the production and the distribution of one of the healthiest fruits on Earth. Pecán Argentina is already among the Top 20 pecan plantations worldwide, and will reach Top 10 after the second round of investment, covering 1200 hectares of trees.

For decades, the Villar and Rohde families have been involved in the production and worldwide distribution of high-quality food products from Argentina.

The Argentinian Villar family has owned and harvested land in Goya, Corrientes for over 200 years and the German Rohde family has been trading South American and European produce for almost 100 years, primarily selling and distributing wine, beef and other perishable goods. The joining of these Argentinian and German families and their expertise has resulted in this agricultural endeavor.

The Corrientes region provides the perfect conditions for growing pecans. Noticing a gap in a continuously growing market for pecan nuts, the management team realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to produce and distribute a finished end-product, not something that is commonly done in Argentina.

Distribution and Marketing

Initially, the distribution is intended to cater to the growing markets of the  Mercosur-countries. 

For decades, the Management Team has held intensive business relations within Argentina, Uruguay and especially with Brazil as a direct neighbour and huge potential customer.

The operating families have over 50 years of experience in export and maintain various offices throughout the U.S., South America and Europe. There is direct access to leading Pecan traders, as well as leading producers in the U.S., food importers and distribution channels in China, Taiwan, Germany, France and Spain.
This allows the company to distribute globally, far beyond the Mercosur region. The fact that the Southern Hemisphere‘s production is offset by half a year to the U.S. harvest is an additional advantage, leading to higher sales in Northern Hemisphere markets (USA, China and Europe).

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